Sadat X reppin for Spikes High on True Wine Connoisseur's! September 21 2015

Well, this is just fucking awesome!
It the newest episode of True Wine Connoisseur's one of our favorite MCs ever, Sadat X, gets ultra geeked on Spikes High, and sabers a bottle of bubble. The episode features our New York Three tee, our White Bronco tee, and the Spikes High logo cap
super props to Sadat and Will Tell of True Wine

Check the video whole video here:

Spikes High x Balansa Korea "Caught Ya Lookin'" collab! July 13 2015

A couple months ago our friends Balansa Korea came to us with a simple question: Collab?
Our answer was a resounding and humbled: YES!
We set out on a brainstorming mission that yielded one obvious answer for the baseball loving crew at Balansa...the "Backwards K"!

The "Backwards K"  has double meaning. Obviously, in this situation, "K" is for "Korea".
The other meaning is baseball nerdtastic. When keeping box scores in baseball the "Backwards K" is the symbol for striking out looking, or getting caught looking at strike three, and not swinging at the ball.
The "Backwards K" became the inspiration for the entire "Caught Ya Lookin" collection.
Balansa and Spikes High done caught ya lookin'!

We couldn't be prouder of the collaborative effort and the turnout of the product. Shouts to the Balansa crew for the offer and for believing in the process! Click HERE for the whole collection!

Spikes High in Go Out Korea!! July 06 2015

Our homies in South Korea, Balansa, were featured in Go Out Korea, and Spikes High snuck into a couple of the shots. Our "Kickin' It" NYC/ Portland caps and the Space Jam candy bust made appearances.

We were pretty geeked on this one! Enjoy!!

Spikes High on Travel + Leisure! June 17 2015

Friend of Spikes High, Sarah Wexler asked us some questions about vintage hunting and Portland Flea for Travel + Leisure!
Read the article HERE.

CUPSOLO! June 08 2015

The day everything changed. Thank the Baby Jesus for Big Papi and Gronk

BLAZERMANIA: Player Spotlight, Chelsey Boehnke May 26 2015

We will be first to admit it, Blazermania took a bit out of us. We are just now getting back into the swing of things. Over the next two weeks, leading up to the end of the show, we will be posting several interviews with artists from the show.
First up is Seinfeld and basketball fanatic Chelsey Boehnke! Enjoy!!

Spikes High: You love Basketball, the Trail Blazers and Seinfeld. What is your dream 90s-NBA-player-on-Seinfeld cameo sitch?
Chelsey Boehnke: Penny Hardaway, Clyde Drexler in Kangas or any of the OG Cast of Space Jam, cuz obviously their acting chops have been proven.

SH: Afflalo is dinged up, and out for a minute. Obviously none of the Seinfeld crew has any on-court skills, but which one would you take for a playoff push, and why?
CB: It's a tossup between Elaine and Costanza for me. Elaine has the spandex-savy raw athleticism that brought us some of the most mesmerizing dance moves in television history. Put a ball in her hands and who knows.

SH: Outside of the core four, is there anyone else in the Seinfeld universe you would take? I mean, Puddy could bang a little down low and would be useful fouls off the bench.
CB: Gotta go with George though... despite the doughy physique I feel like he could surprise us. I'm pretty sure that an episode where he admits to sitting around his apartment watching basketball all-day instead of finding true love. Fake it til you make it, Georgie. He'd be my 6th man.

Check out Blazermania at Gallery 135 to see her work in person. The show runs through June 1st
Also follow Chelsey's Instagram for a look at her day to day life as well as some more of her work. 

BLAZERMANIA: Player Spotlight, Nathan McKee April 24 2015

We had a chance to catch up with Nathan McKee, one of the artists we'll be featuring in our upcoming Blazermania show, with Trillblazin, opening at Gallery 135 in Portland Oregon May 7th.

Nathan gave us the inside scoop on one of his favorite Blazers, as well as which classic wrestler he'd like to see in the ring with the legendary Arvydas Sabonis.

Spikes High: I didn’t grow up a Blazers fan, and to be honest I'm a little new to Blazermania (I moved here in 2007). Sabonis happened at a time that I wasn’t following the NBA closely. What is it about the big man that Portlanders love so much?
Nathan McKee: I think Portland embraced Sabas cause he was just a no nonsense player. He was older than most of the other guys on the team at that time, and definitely more professional. I mean, the guy was 31 and just had so much heart. Also, waiting years after you draft a player for them to finally come over and fill that position you needed helps.

SH: The Blazers drafted Sabonis in ‘86. Can you even start to imagine what those Drexler/ Portler/ Buck Williams/ Kersey early 90’s teams would have looked like with him?
NM: Ah man how, can you not imagine! That Blazers team was the cream of the crop. Always there, but never quite able to push it over the top. A big man that can pass and shoot from anywhere, as well as dominate the paint? Forget about it. Add Sabas in his prime and that's a title or two easy. The thought of a young Arvydas battling a young Shaq in those days gives me goose bumps.

SH: I know you like yourself some classic WWF. Who would be the best matchup for Sabonis in the squared circle? I would say Undertaker, but that might end up being a pretty boring match.
NM: I'm a classic WWF fan so I'd go a little further back. I like him in the ring against a Big John Studd or even Roddy Piper. Let him be the good guy & take on some of those classic villain types. I could see Roddy running his mouth just talking smack, Sabas just staring him down in dead silence and out of nowhere head butting him with that giant forehead & laying Piper out cold.

Just remember, he's not my Vydas, he's not your Vydas, he's Arvydas!

Follow Nathan's Instagram for a deeper look into the man behind the paper, and RSVP for Blazermania on the event page to see his work in person. Blazermania opens May 7th at Gallery 135.

An Ode to Diamond Kings, Part 1 April 10 2015

We at Spikes High are psyched for the upcoming summer and the warmer weather for one obvious reason: BASEBALL!
Now that the 2015 MLB season has kicked off, we’re celebrating in the only way we know how: nerdy sports ephemera. More specifically old baseball cards. And even more specifically, sports card brand, Donruss' Diamond Kings. 
The Diamond Kings series is perhaps the greatest combination of sports and art ever in the history of the universe. Beginning in Donruss' 1982 set the series was included in every year’s collection until 1996. Diamond Kings featured the league’s best players (well, maybe not always) and presented them in glorious illustrations by artist Dick Perez. Painting a bunch of baseball players’ ugly mugs definitely isn't the most exciting thing for an artist, or his audience. Mr. Perez kept things interesting with lots and lots of colorful, and sometimes funky, backgrounds. No two Diamond Kings ever looked the same, which meant it took a fair amount of creativity on the artist’s part. In other words, Dick Perez is innovator, a badass, and an American hero.

Enough talk, let’s look at some Diamond Kings.

The inaugural set of Diamond Kings in 1982 started out pretty simple, with white card borders and mostly just some stripes behind the portrait. Here we see Hall of Famer Rod Carew reppin’ the ‘82 set.

Fast forward to a 1986 Diamond King next, with Andre Dawson in his Expos days. Notice that the background graphics are still fairly simple.

We go with a four card set for 1987, where you can see things are starting to get a little more funky. That Rick Rhoden card is a thing of beauty.

Ivan Calderon in 1988, looking very skeptical about appearing on his Diamond Kings card.

It simply just doesn’t get any better than a Chris Sabo Diamond King.

“Duuude, do you see these lines and little boxes all over the green monster too, or did I smoke waay too much green monster before batting practice?”

Things were getting really interesting by the 1990 collection, as you can see by this wide array of colorful background designs.

Bo knows Diamond Kings!

Craig Biggio, depicted even in fine art with a big wad of chaw in his mouth.

No borders and metallic gold foil for the 1992 set for a very refined look. The most elegant John Kruk has ever looked.

That does it for this look at some of the finest baseball cards you’ll ever see. But don’t worry, we’ll be back with even more, so stay tuned for part 2 of the Spikes High ode to Diamond Kings.
Teaser: Goose Gossage’s mustache is a thing of true beauty. 

By Zach Schlemmer
Instagram/Twitter: @fatshawnkemp

The Common Man's Crown April 02 2015

"The cap is not a fashion item, but something larger and more primal: the headpiece of the American folk costume." HIZZZAH!
Check out Troy Patterson's awesome piece, from the New York Times, about the history of Ballcap, and its place in American culture

Grab your Spikes High "crown" here 


Curious Case of Sidd Finch! April 01 2015

In one of the greatest April Fool Day jokes ever George Plimpton wrote a story for Sports Illustrated about a pitcher that had used Buddist teachings to throw a 168mph fastball. People bought it hook line and sinker ball... sorry...not really.

Read all about it here

Q & A with Ryan Simpson. Nope, no Bobcats talk. April 01 2015

Ryan Simpson's art work is a recent addition to Spikes High, and we couldn't be more pumped!
We shot him over some questions to find out what it was like to grew up in a purple and teal state of mind.

Spikes High- You are a 90’s kid and from North Carolina, so we are assuming you were about the early/ mid 90s hornets teams. They seemed like a team set up for kids to love (teal and purple, Muggsy, dunking mascots). Did you know how good you had it?
Ryan Simpson- I was 2 years old when the Hornets started in Charlotte in 1988. So I was a little young to be a fan straight off the bat.
But as I got a little older and more and more into sports, we happened to draft LJ in ’91, and then Zo in ’92. The Hornets were crazy popular since they began, but after we got those guys it was nuts. We made our first playoffs in '93. We started having massive Hornets murals downtown. LJ and Muggsy were in Space Jam in 95. Then we got the Panthers in 95 as well. I went to Dell Curry’s basketball camp probably 4 or 5 summers straight and I remember seeing Steph there every year. There was no better time to be a Charlotte sports fan. 
Did I know at the time how good I had it? No probably not. But it really doesn’t get much better from a kid’s perspective than it was during those years in Charlotte. No, we didn’t go deep into the playoffs or win a championship or anything, but as a kid you don’t really care that much about that. All you know is how cool your team is, and it doesn’t get much cooler than the Muggsy, LJ, & Zo years in Charlotte.

- I can’t imagine what it was like for a local kid when the LJ Cons dropped. Desert island style, which color way? White or Black?
RS- I feel like I grew up in the Golden age of the sneaker game. But, all I wanted to wear growing up was strictly Air Jordans and Nike gear. However, once we got LJ & Zo, Charlotte sports were not only massively popular but they now were massively cool. I never had the LJ’s signature Aero Jams in the famous Grandmama commercial. But I did have his Converse Destroyers which I think came out the year after. These were the first non Nike shoes I had and wanted to wear as a kid. They were like 50% black and 50% white so you didn’t have to choose one color over the other, you looked fly for both home and away YMCA youth basketball games.

SH- Hugo or Super Hugo?
RS- Can’t go wrong with either, but I’m going with Hugo.

SH- Favorite teal Starter jacket: pullover or zip up?
RS- Has to be the half zip pullover. But, I actually never had the teal Hornets one growing up. I opted for a Panthers one.

SH- Kendall Gill or Muggsy Bogues or Larry Johnson or Alonzo Mourning or Glen Rice or Dell Curry or Grandmama?
RS- Kelly Tripucka. Just kidding, I’ll go with LJ.

Which would you rather defend with your life on the line: MJ’s basketball executive decisions or denim decisions?
RS- Welp, it’s been fun.

Watch this space for future Ryan Simpson x Spikes High collabs!

Action Bronson on ESPN's Highly Questionable March 23 2015

It is no secret that Spikes High loves us some Action Bronson. His love of sports and his ridiculous skills have endeared him to us since we first heard Shiraz.
Today Action's first full length drops and we celebrate with this epic video of Dan LeBatard and Bomani Jones (obviously knowing nothing about Mr Wonderful) walking into the wood chipper that is Action's mind. Enjoy!

I would have paid to be a fly on the wall in the ESPN studio after they cut from that interview.



Get your learn on: The First Baseball Card March 23 2015

From the March 20th New York Times. By Michael Pollak

In 1869, Peck & Snyder printed trade cards with a photo of the undefeated Cincinnati Red Stockings, the pioneering professional team

Q. While waiting endlessly for Opening Day, I got to wondering: What was the first baseball card?

A. While the date of the absolutely oldest card is uncertain, what is believed by many collectors to be the first true mass-produced baseball card was created in 1869 by the Peck & Snyder Sporting Goods Company of 124-128 Nassau Street in Manhattan. The company was founded in 1866 by Andrew Peck and Irving Snyder, who sought to capitalize on a growing interest in sports by an America that was exhausted from the Civil War.

“Although their emotions were still raw from the war, Americans found the rapidly spreading popularity of baseball was a common ground on which to gather,” Jerry Houseman wrote in an article about the company on the website Sports Collectors Daily. Men who only a year earlier had tried to kill each other on the battlefield were now teammates on the ball field. “Peck & Snyder seized the moment and combined sports and pictures into one,” the article says. “Baseball fans no doubt loved it.”

Baseball and photography were both in their infancy; newspapers were not printing advertising photographs yet, and Peck & Snyder, like many other mid-Victorian businesses, advertised themselves by mass-producing trade cards to give out. In 1869, the company printed trade cards, in bright red lettering, with a team photo of the undefeated Cincinnati Red Stockings, the pioneering professional team. There were several varieties of the card; in the most sought-after, the players’ names were printed beneath the photo. They posed in their uniforms and bootlike shoes, and held bats, but there were no gloves yet.

Depending, as always with collectibles, on their condition, the few surviving 1869 Red Stockings cards can be worth a small fortune.

In 2009, a card found in an odd lot by an antiques dealer in Fresno, Calif., Bernice Gallego, sold for more than $75,000. Ms. Gallego, who had never seen a baseball game, initially offered the card for $10 on eBay, but withdrew it after bidders showed unusual interest.

The Peck & Snyder company prospered, branched out to other sports, especially bicycling, and was later sold to the Chicago sports equipment maker A. G. Spalding, the former player and team executive.

Big League Chew/ Action Bronson February 11 2015

Spikes High fave Action Bronson dropped a Rock 'N Jock 10 pointer last week: Big League Chew.

And while you are listening to that, check out this amazing article about the history of Big League Chew featuring original sketches and art work like the one above.
Get your learn on whippersnappers!

"When We Were Fly" Monk-One NBA mixtape! February 10 2015

Gotta Basket Ball jones? Need some jamz to get you read for All Star weekend?
Well, Monk-One and Victory Journal got you covered with When We Were Fly, an entirely basketball related mixtape. 

From Monk One Face Book page:
I did a monstrous megamix for Victory Journal on the occasion of the NBA All-Star Game coming back to NYC this weekend. It's pretty epic, if I do say so myself. Give it a listen here

These are DEEP CUTS. Have fun... just stretch before busting out the Kid 'n Play.

"The Flight of Connie Hawkins" by Nathan Gelgud July 25 2014

Nathan Gelgud has been down with Spikes High from jump!
We are delighted to re-present his “The Flight of Connie Hawkins" strip here.

Connie Hawkins was one of the greatest basketball players of his era, even though his legacy was almost lost due to scandal. This is his 24 panel story of redemption!
This story is adapted from Loose Balls, Terry Pluto's oral history of the ABA, and was originally published in Smokes Signals Quarterly (

Nathan Gelgud is an illustrator whose clients include Paris Review, Random House, Nike, and The Believer. He's about to move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, but will still root for the Knicks.
See more of his work at


Special Zero "Regrets" by Kevin Egan July 17 2014

Special Zero is the time traveling creation of Queens based New Yorker Kevin Egan. Egan is a singer/songwriter/musician who thinks he's a comedian. He is a member of seminal NY Hard Core band Beyond... but more importantly he once caught a foul ball hit by Reggie Jackson.

O.J. Simpson, as illustrated by Harold Henriksen June 20 2014

Earlier in the week Spikes High remembered the events of June 17th 1994 with the release of our "White Bronco" limited edition t-shirt and print, as well as the original ink painting that inspired the Tee/Print, by Berto Herrera. All of this OJ yacking reminded me of a brilliantly illustrated book I found months ago. Simply titled "O.J. Simpson", the 1974 children's reader was scribed by Paul J. Deegan, and illustrated by Harold Henriksen.
While I did not search long, information on Mr Henriksen was hard to come by. The bulk of his book illustration work seems to have come in a series on sports superstars (of which this volume is a part), most of which written by Mr Deegan. They also did a instructional baseball series on pitching and hitting. I am really looking forward to getting those in the studio. We will certainly be taking a look at some of these book as soon as we can find good images.
Spikes High will be sharing more about Harold Henriksen and his work in the future. Until then, lets check out some of these OJ Illustrations!

Book cover image

Interior illustration detail
Interior illustration detail

Interior illustration detail

Top of the First May 17 2014

Welcome to Spikes High Sporting and Goods! Learn more about the origin of Spikes High, and what we are all about.