Top of the First May 17 2014

First things first, welcome to Spikes High Sporting and Goods!
It’s been a long road leading up to the web store opening and to this post going up. I’m pumped that it’s live, and ecstatic that you’ve found the site and are reading this. Whether you wound up here via our instagram (@spikes_high) tumblr, facebook , or a friend’s suggestion, we’re glad you found us. Hopefully you’re enjoying the shop thus far!

You might ask, “What is Spikes High”? That’s a great question!
Spikes High Sporting and Goods is a marketplace of contemporary design goods, art, curated vintage finds, and overall “cool shit” for the sport-obsessed.
Our attention is on Sport, first and foremost... but the lighter side. The fun side, where the importance and love of Sport mingles cheekily with bad puns, pop culture references, discriminating design, and the affectionately antiquated. The online collection will feature apparel designed and produced in the US (whenever possible), prints and original art, and an ever-revolving selection of one-of-a-kind vintage goods.

The concept of Spikes High has its origin in a blog post misunderstanding and jumping to conclusions. Years ago I came across a post on a design blog that featured a photo of an amazingly well-merchandised table for a trade event or some such thing. The image touted various pieces of heritage and design-y tees displayed with pieces of sports equipment and vintage pennants hanging above it all. I thought “Oh wow! How cool is this!? It’s a design and vintage shop for sports freaks!” I clicked on the image needing to know more about my new favorite place to give my money to… and then disappointment.
While the image was still very cool, I quickly realized that the brand really had nothing to do with sports whatsoever. They had just used the pennants and other sports items as part of their heritage branding. A great idea and feel, but I was buuuuuuuuuuuummed out. I thought, “Shit, man, that would have been the coolest idea for a store! Why doesn’t that exist!?
That’s when the light bulb went off. Or better yet, that’s when Roy Hobbs smashed out the light bulbs (FF to :30 mark). Spikes High was born. 

That was two years ago. Since then there has been some hemming, some hawing, a ton of jawing, and eventually planning and building. You are now witnessing the culmination of that time and effort.

In the future Spikes High plans on bringing to our customers high quality sports-related design, art, and vintage in the form of a constantly evolving stock of wares. Some of it will be highbrow. Some of these curated items will be lowbrow or outsider. Ok, A LOT of these items may be lowbrow, but in the best way possible. Think of the newly released vintage-style Miller Lite tallboy can. How rad is that thing!?

The one consideration that our stocked goods will all have in common is that they will meet Spikes High’s standards of quality, originality, and personality. Whenever possible Spikes High goods are made in the USA. We have aligned with creators and vendors who also believe in a dedication to America’s craftsmen. We think it is important, and we feel like our customers will feel the same way. Sometimes rad items are made in Iceland, though, and then you gotta do what you gotta do. No matter what, items we sell will always be made by people who are passionate about their product and getting it out there to similarly-minded individuals. Like our design objects, all vintage items have been hand-selected to meet the refined tastes of our customers. More times than not they were made elsewhere. It is what it is. Don’t blame the Michael Jordan Space Jam bubble gum bust for where it was made… and, yeah, we’ve got those! 

Ideally all of Spikes High’s items will give our customers the feeling that I got before my blog bait and switch-- “Oh snap! Now that’s what’s up! Gimme gimme gimme!
At least, that is our hope.

If this sounds like your jam, then we invite you to check back with us frequently. Even if you aren’t buying something from the store, we will be updating this blog as often as possible. It will feature info on Spikes High’s moves, insight into new brands that we’re digging, tips on how to break in that new cap, interviews with artists that we feature and are feeling, and even some comics. Please sign up for updates and newsletters on the site, and follow us on Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook for the first look at new items, just-found vintage, cool design, and some laughs.

Thank you for checking out the site, now let’s get out there and have some fun!

Nathan Tabor
owner/creative director/curator