Q & A with Ryan Simpson. Nope, no Bobcats talk. April 01 2015

Ryan Simpson's art work is a recent addition to Spikes High, and we couldn't be more pumped!
We shot him over some questions to find out what it was like to grew up in a purple and teal state of mind.

Spikes High- You are a 90’s kid and from North Carolina, so we are assuming you were about the early/ mid 90s hornets teams. They seemed like a team set up for kids to love (teal and purple, Muggsy, dunking mascots). Did you know how good you had it?
Ryan Simpson- I was 2 years old when the Hornets started in Charlotte in 1988. So I was a little young to be a fan straight off the bat.
But as I got a little older and more and more into sports, we happened to draft LJ in ’91, and then Zo in ’92. The Hornets were crazy popular since they began, but after we got those guys it was nuts. We made our first playoffs in '93. We started having massive Hornets murals downtown. LJ and Muggsy were in Space Jam in 95. Then we got the Panthers in 95 as well. I went to Dell Curry’s basketball camp probably 4 or 5 summers straight and I remember seeing Steph there every year. There was no better time to be a Charlotte sports fan. 
Did I know at the time how good I had it? No probably not. But it really doesn’t get much better from a kid’s perspective than it was during those years in Charlotte. No, we didn’t go deep into the playoffs or win a championship or anything, but as a kid you don’t really care that much about that. All you know is how cool your team is, and it doesn’t get much cooler than the Muggsy, LJ, & Zo years in Charlotte.

- I can’t imagine what it was like for a local kid when the LJ Cons dropped. Desert island style, which color way? White or Black?
RS- I feel like I grew up in the Golden age of the sneaker game. But, all I wanted to wear growing up was strictly Air Jordans and Nike gear. However, once we got LJ & Zo, Charlotte sports were not only massively popular but they now were massively cool. I never had the LJ’s signature Aero Jams in the famous Grandmama commercial. But I did have his Converse Destroyers which I think came out the year after. These were the first non Nike shoes I had and wanted to wear as a kid. They were like 50% black and 50% white so you didn’t have to choose one color over the other, you looked fly for both home and away YMCA youth basketball games.

SH- Hugo or Super Hugo?
RS- Can’t go wrong with either, but I’m going with Hugo.

SH- Favorite teal Starter jacket: pullover or zip up?
RS- Has to be the half zip pullover. But, I actually never had the teal Hornets one growing up. I opted for a Panthers one.

SH- Kendall Gill or Muggsy Bogues or Larry Johnson or Alonzo Mourning or Glen Rice or Dell Curry or Grandmama?
RS- Kelly Tripucka. Just kidding, I’ll go with LJ.

Which would you rather defend with your life on the line: MJ’s basketball executive decisions or denim decisions?
RS- Welp, it’s been fun.

Watch this space for future Ryan Simpson x Spikes High collabs!