BLAZERMANIA: Player Spotlight, Chelsey Boehnke May 26 2015

We will be first to admit it, Blazermania took a bit out of us. We are just now getting back into the swing of things. Over the next two weeks, leading up to the end of the show, we will be posting several interviews with artists from the show.
First up is Seinfeld and basketball fanatic Chelsey Boehnke! Enjoy!!

Spikes High: You love Basketball, the Trail Blazers and Seinfeld. What is your dream 90s-NBA-player-on-Seinfeld cameo sitch?
Chelsey Boehnke: Penny Hardaway, Clyde Drexler in Kangas or any of the OG Cast of Space Jam, cuz obviously their acting chops have been proven.

SH: Afflalo is dinged up, and out for a minute. Obviously none of the Seinfeld crew has any on-court skills, but which one would you take for a playoff push, and why?
CB: It's a tossup between Elaine and Costanza for me. Elaine has the spandex-savy raw athleticism that brought us some of the most mesmerizing dance moves in television history. Put a ball in her hands and who knows.

SH: Outside of the core four, is there anyone else in the Seinfeld universe you would take? I mean, Puddy could bang a little down low and would be useful fouls off the bench.
CB: Gotta go with George though... despite the doughy physique I feel like he could surprise us. I'm pretty sure that an episode where he admits to sitting around his apartment watching basketball all-day instead of finding true love. Fake it til you make it, Georgie. He'd be my 6th man.

Check out Blazermania at Gallery 135 to see her work in person. The show runs through June 1st
Also follow Chelsey's Instagram for a look at her day to day life as well as some more of her work.