Spikes High x Balansa Korea "Caught Ya Lookin'" collab! July 13 2015

A couple months ago our friends Balansa Korea came to us with a simple question: Collab?
Our answer was a resounding and humbled: YES!
We set out on a brainstorming mission that yielded one obvious answer for the baseball loving crew at Balansa...the "Backwards K"!

The "Backwards K"  has double meaning. Obviously, in this situation, "K" is for "Korea".
The other meaning is baseball nerdtastic. When keeping box scores in baseball the "Backwards K" is the symbol for striking out looking, or getting caught looking at strike three, and not swinging at the ball.
The "Backwards K" became the inspiration for the entire "Caught Ya Lookin" collection.
Balansa and Spikes High done caught ya lookin'!

We couldn't be prouder of the collaborative effort and the turnout of the product. Shouts to the Balansa crew for the offer and for believing in the process! Click HERE for the whole collection!