BLAZERMANIA: Player Spotlight, Nathan McKee April 24 2015

We had a chance to catch up with Nathan McKee, one of the artists we'll be featuring in our upcoming Blazermania show, with Trillblazin, opening at Gallery 135 in Portland Oregon May 7th.

Nathan gave us the inside scoop on one of his favorite Blazers, as well as which classic wrestler he'd like to see in the ring with the legendary Arvydas Sabonis.

Spikes High: I didn’t grow up a Blazers fan, and to be honest I'm a little new to Blazermania (I moved here in 2007). Sabonis happened at a time that I wasn’t following the NBA closely. What is it about the big man that Portlanders love so much?
Nathan McKee: I think Portland embraced Sabas cause he was just a no nonsense player. He was older than most of the other guys on the team at that time, and definitely more professional. I mean, the guy was 31 and just had so much heart. Also, waiting years after you draft a player for them to finally come over and fill that position you needed helps.

SH: The Blazers drafted Sabonis in ‘86. Can you even start to imagine what those Drexler/ Portler/ Buck Williams/ Kersey early 90’s teams would have looked like with him?
NM: Ah man how, can you not imagine! That Blazers team was the cream of the crop. Always there, but never quite able to push it over the top. A big man that can pass and shoot from anywhere, as well as dominate the paint? Forget about it. Add Sabas in his prime and that's a title or two easy. The thought of a young Arvydas battling a young Shaq in those days gives me goose bumps.

SH: I know you like yourself some classic WWF. Who would be the best matchup for Sabonis in the squared circle? I would say Undertaker, but that might end up being a pretty boring match.
NM: I'm a classic WWF fan so I'd go a little further back. I like him in the ring against a Big John Studd or even Roddy Piper. Let him be the good guy & take on some of those classic villain types. I could see Roddy running his mouth just talking smack, Sabas just staring him down in dead silence and out of nowhere head butting him with that giant forehead & laying Piper out cold.

Just remember, he's not my Vydas, he's not your Vydas, he's Arvydas!

Follow Nathan's Instagram for a deeper look into the man behind the paper, and RSVP for Blazermania on the event page to see his work in person. Blazermania opens May 7th at Gallery 135.