SPORTS! card pack

$ 5.00

Spikes High is going back to our roots with the return of out first product, the SPORTS! card pack!

Each personally stamped and curated pack contains 5 vintage sports cards from the 70's 80's and 90's. You never know what you will get (Basketball? Garbage Pail Kids? A Greg Maddux rookie? A 70's football sticker? Who knows!*) but each card in the pack was select and balanced to guarantee a smile when you open it!**

Please note that the cards will be in varying states of quality. Most will be NM to M. Some, especially older cards may only be G. Again "*".

* The randomness is part of the fun. There's no crying in baseball (cards)!
** Smiles not guaranteed. Sorry not sorry. We will do our best though!

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