Vintage Playboy Magazine: Big East

$ 10.00


If only smut was still as good as this vintage Playboy from April 1989. Yeah, the girls are here (!), but so is some amazing design, and funny, well drawn comics. This issue amazing throwback to the late '80s. You can almost image Patrick Bateman throwing on some Genesis and kicking back with it.

Articles include:
"Sex in the 80's"
"20 Questions, Mario Lemieux"
"The Mailman Cometh" about this young stud in the NBA, Karl Malone.
"The Girls of the Big East" featuring boobs.

As is the case with all vintage items we sell at Spikes High, this item is not "collector level.” It has been used and loved, and is ready to be used and loved again. It has dings and warts, or as we call it, character.

All vintage sales are final. Please ask if you have any questions.

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