Whitey Ford Signed Ball and 1959 Topps Baseball Card Display

$ 100.00

If you are gift shopping for Everlast we got you covered!

Generally Spikes High doesn't deal in memorabilia, but this piece looks like something that you would sooner find on a Tenenbaum's desk than in a man cave.

The 1959 Whitey Ford Topps card is in amazing shape. We are not professional card graders, but this card appears to be in top-notch condition. As you can see in the detail photos, the card has no dings or bent corners. The artwork is also bright and centered on the card.

We have no certificate of authenticity on the signed baseball, but does appear to be real when compared to others online. As far as Spikes High knows, this is a 100% authentic Whitey Ford signed ball.

While most vintage items we sell at Spikes High are not "collector level," this ball and baseball card are. The base, however, has been used and loved, and is ready to be used and loved again. It has dings and warts, or as we call it, character.

All vintage sales are final. Please ask if you have any questions.

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